WWS by Webery is a unique proprietary solution developed by Webery for a verified business problem in outsourced website development. The solution is a software platform that is the result of 3 years of research and development by Webery’s core team. It consists of a set of tools called the WWS platform and a set of well-defined processes using this platform to maximize end quality and increase output volume.

The WWS by Webery service includes 3 individual website building solutions created specifically to handle the different needs of most digital agencies. These 3 solutions cover the entire scope of website building on the B2B level from template based solutions (SWS) or modular configurations (CWS) to special designs or unique feature requests (UWS).


The most important of the 3 main issues Webery set out to conquer with its WWS service was that outsourced website building projects are unmonitored and often passed on to third on fourth agencies in a chain of subcontractors where the actual designers and developers working on the project may have greatly varying skillset and experience. This usually results in a highly inconsistent end product quality.
Webery had defined its own standard of quality in a 26-point criteria that all delivered projects must meet – regardless of the 3 subservice types. All tools and process definitions of the WWS by Webery service were created to enable the Webery team to deliver consistent and high quality website products to their partners.


At the technical core of the WWS by Webery service is our in-house developed, state-of-the-art website builder platform with a robust content management engine that allows for creating websites through standardised modules via an intuitive user-friendly interface with inline editing, versioning, and workflows. Our CMS engine is based on a renowned open-source solution utilizing its best assets but adding a large number of features via refined and enhanced functionality of the building blocks, the administrative interface, and its configuration options.

Besides the powerful builder engine the platform contains a set of sophisticated tools to support and aid the preparation and testing stages of the project as well as to assist the communication between the parties. Hosted by a custom CRM the platform also provides a website configurator that automatically generates a project specification, calculates costs, and dynamically creates a project specific brief template to ensure that all relevant input is collected before Webery’s work on the project could be started.


In order to achieve end product consistency and optimal production times a well-designed production process is required. This process is introduced during the onboarding of our new partners.

Sales process

Client sourcing
Lead capture
Neesd assessment
Quotation, and signing the contract

Brief assembly

Data Collection

Website building

Website creation

Go-live and maintenance